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Businesses across the globe have only two options to expand their operations and gain substantial profits. One way is to grow through internal expansion by means of introducing new technologies, altering the course of operations, enhancing work performance, and establishing new lines of products or services. The other way is external expansion that takes place in the form of mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and amalgamations.

Merger, acquisitions, takeovers, and amalgamations have become essential components of business restructuring for companies aiming for rapid growth. It increases the operational efficiency of the companies and in-turn helps the country’s economy to grow at a faster pace.

The Indian economy is no different and is considered as one of the popular M&A destinations across the globe. Changes in tax regulations coupled with liberalised FDI norms and a robust government are only going to encourage more inbound and outbound investments over a period of time.

Our services in this sphere include:

  • Transaction advisory including planning on complex issues relating to direct tax, indirect tax, corporate laws, stamp duty, FEMA, securities law and competition laws
  • Conducting jurisdictional analysis and assisting in creating an optimal structure
  • Preparing business valuations & financial modelling
  • Undertaking Financial and Tax Due diligence
  • Assistance in preparing documentation
  • Formulating ESOP plans and advising efficient implementation

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